Shreds of laughter

2014 // 9:16 video // 11:31 min loop
Danish Photography ‘15, By Charlotte Præstegaard Schwartz

Julie’s challenge to the photograph as document is in a place quite different. It quickly strikes me while I look, curious and a little appalled, at Shreds of Laughter (2014) that this video is so much about the effect that the photograph as document can have. She laughs, looks as though she is enjoying herself, moves easily within the frame of the wood. She begins planing the projection of herself away. Slowly, to the sound of shredding, the image disappears.

It is physically shocking to witness how the young, delighted, laughing woman slowly disappears, shaved away by her doppelganger in a performative act. In an investigation of the energy and presumably the power of the document, Julie, with the work Shreds of Laughter, turns the focus on how identity and self-understanding can be constructed through a reflection of social surroundings, and not least through the use of media. Excerpt

Entering the installation by 3 steps the screen is raised from the ground with wood shavings on the floor. Installation view of ‘Shreds of laughter’ at Fotografisk Center, Ung dansk 15, Copenhagen

Julie Nymann

photographer & editor
Julie Nymann

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