Riverbed press

2016 // 16:9 video // 07:51 min loop

An interaction between machine, labor and nature: powered by my repeated labor a printmaking press transforms the natural surroundings. On the machine is a bed of running water, yet nothing gets wet. As the video progresses the performer continually adds and forces branches under the drum, crushing everything along its way.

This creates a both uncomfortable and dreamy natural soundscape as the sound of crushing reeds is pulsing alongside the trickling of running water. As the task becomes more and more mundane through its repetition, the soundtrack begins to change the viewers´ perception as a softly humming voice lures the spectator into a dream state where the action become secondary to the meditative sounds.

Installation view at Den frie udstillingsbygning, kunstnernes efterårsudstilling 2016

Julie Nymann

Julie Nymann

Malia Jensen

editor & sound designer
Julie Nymann

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The Ucross Foundation, Clearmont, WY, USA
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