Next to the soundinstallation ‘Fordelene ved at være ordblind’ is exibitet ‘Forslag til lovændring: Ordblinde med stolthed’ (‘Proposal for legislative change: Dyslexia with Pride‘), an artistic manifesto written as a Danish legislative proposal

Link to online artistic manifesto ︎︎︎︎

Installation view at Kunsthal Charlottenbrog, exit graduation, from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

Using the public forum of Kunsthal Charlottenbrog, Nymann’s project puts forward a manifest of several new bills and a law proposal for regulatory changes of how to frame dyslexia within the danish educational system, with the ambition that people living with dyslexia can be confident and proud to be considered a celebrated part of society. ︎︎︎︎


Berlingske Julie Nymann er stolt af at være ordblind – det har sine fordele: Nu har hun seks konkrete forslag til undervisningsministeren


Julie Nymann

text editor
Helle Harnisch
Ida Vestergaard Øyan

graphic designer
Kasper Aavad

Ami Frost

thank you
Andrea Diermayr, Lars Bo Henriksen, Louise Rytter, Silas Emmery, Vibeke Rasmussen and all the teachers I had the pleasure of engaging with.

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