Lungs of salt

2021 // A two channel video installation // 27:00 min loop

In a dance where the human compass is uncalibrated and every sense of direction has disappeared, we plunge ever deeper, exploring the unknown ocean’s underworld of fantasies, and mythical projections of human desires into layered waters.

In ‘Lungs of salt’, it feels as if synthetic utopia is a natural part of the ocean waters. Neon jellyfish and fabrics like chiffon, organza and silk react to the current of the ocean, merging man-made hybrids with an ecology of sparkling desires. The fabric moves between awareness of a man-made material produced by an industrial machine, and a souled sea serpent that reigns over the ocean.

Installation view of ‘Lungs of salt’ at M/S Maritime Museum, 2021

The round shape of the installation at M/S Maritime Museum, makes it feel as if the film is one breathing organ, enhanced by the meditative soundscape, where the passage of time slips into a distorted eye.

The textiles and garment industry is one of the largest users of water globally, with tons of water being used to produce a kilogram of fibre inorder to become fabric. The materials used in this film are directly linked to the desire of luxurious materials, returned to the waters the industry exploits.
This conflict frames the core of the underworld, where we dive ever deeper into the uninhabitable human place, the sea, that bridges to a new habitat that seems easy to ingest.

The spectator floats through the ocean, not realizing it is the danish sea they are experiencing, and that every time the film cuts, a new breath is taken. Clad in hunting wetsuits, the crew lie in the ocean recording ‘Lungs of salt’, simultaneously connected to the fabrication industry that produces the wetsuit material. ‘Lung of salt’ streams into an industrial utopia that is ever connected to water and it’s technology.

TRAILER of ‘Lungs of salt’ at M/S Maritime Museum

Julie Nymann

Mia Heide
Karoline Christensen

Jonas Fogh

SØS Gunver Ryberg

Mette Moltke Wozniak

Julie Nymann

Eliott Becheau

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M/S Maritime Museum
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Maria Mackinney-Valentin

Signe Raunkjær Holm
Ellinor Juhler
Nina  Balstrup
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